Taali brings you Water Lily pops, a light weight and crunchy superfood snack made from popped water lily seeds. The refreshing and delicious popped seeds are a great alternative to fat-filled snacks.


“Having lived in the U.S. for most of the last decade, we found that most snacks are highly processed, fried or made of ingredients like potato, corn and wheat! It’s time to change that,” said Taali’s Co-Founder Aditya.

“Our water lily pops have 20% less calories and 67% less fat on average than the leading popcorn brand,” said Co-Founder Aarti.

“We carefully slow roast the popped seeds to perfection, giving them a naturally crunchy texture. We promise, our products  are made of Non GMO, whole and natural ingredients that you can pronounce and spell to create a difference you can taste!“


Taali’s mission is to create products that spread love, togetherness and of course high fives all around!

Roasted has really never tasted this good.