Experience Water All Over Again.

SZENT Water, which launched this October, is a unique concept in bottled water that offers “flavor” without adding anything to the water. It is launching in five varieties, including Tangerine, Tropical, Pineapple, Mint and Passionfruit.

Instead of using added flavorings, SZENT uses smell to deliver the desired effect. Each bottle features a proprietary scent ring around the neck of the bottle that is filled with all natural food grade oils that effectively fool your mind into thinking that the product is flavored. The liquid inside the bottle is reverse osmosis water with no electrolytes added.

In terms of taste and overall experience, SZENT is definitely not the same as a bottle of flavored water. The scent is noticeable and inviting, although you need to put your nose close to the bottle to get the full experience. Some of these work better than others.

Compared with a traditional flavored water, there are pros and cons. It lacks the sometimes acidic flavor that you’ll find in lower-end flavored waters, but it doesn’t have the depth that you’ll find in some of the higher-end offerings. In both cases, SZENT’s approach to using smell isn’t as strong as the experience you get from flavorings. But there is certainly something to be said for a product that truly doesn’t contain anything.

Perhaps the only true flaw of this product is that you have to consume it from the container — and within 24 hours of opening. So, if you intend to not use this product right away or to pour it into another container, this isn’t going to work. But both of those scenarios seem like exceptions rather than typical use.