Napa Hills is the first ever naturally-flavored water containing the antioxidant benefits of red wine, without calories, sugar, or alcohol.

In particular, Napa Hills notes: “one delicious, refreshing bottle of Napa Hills delivers the same amount of heart-healthy antioxidants found in one glass of red wine.”

The Vineyard Enriched Water is offered in two indulgent varieties like Cherry Rosé and Peach Grigio, each of which boasts fruit ingredients that are sustainably sourced from the legendary Napa Valley wine region.

Drink to your health.

Studies indicate several healthy benefits from drinking a glass of red wine. But drinking more than two glasses per day may lead to irreparable alcohol-related health problems. At Napa Hills® purified water is mixed with VitaRes®, the proprietary blend of the same antioxidants naturally found in red wine, but without the alcohol.

One bottle of Napa Hills® water delivers the same amount of antioxidants found in one glass of red wine, but without the alcohol.


The ingredients in Napa Hills® Vineyard Enriched Water offer high antioxidant potency.

VitaRes® (Natural Extracts of Resveratrol, Red Grape Skins and Red Wine), Natural Flavors of Ripe Sweet Cherry and Pomegranate.

VitaRes® is a unique blend of super antioxidants believed to aid against free radical damage.