„Society” is a new marketplace for green home cleaning products that launched this October. It is designing bottles that its founders hope customers won’t want to hide under the kitchen sink. While most non-toxic cleaning brands on the market opt for nature-inspired branding or bottles that look like they were pulled out of the 1950s, Society’s branding and packaging features pops of color and patterns inspired by modern artists.












„Society” will operate through a membership model: Customers will pay a yearly fee of $99, enabling them to purchase a range of personal care and cleaning products that „Society” has formulated and designed. Once you’re a member, you can begin purchasing items in the „Society” marketplace, which will be sold at cost. „Society“ products will cost about half as much as other green products on the market. „Society’s” products will only include natural microbes and enzymes, rather than synthetic chemicals.

But „Society” wants its focus on design to set it apart from competitors.

“When we went down the cleaning aisle of the supermarket, all the products looked like they had popped out of the ’70s and ’80s. That’s beginning to change slowly, but really hasn’t been significant improvement to their design for the most part. As a brand targeting millennials and generation Z, our bottles are inspired by art.”